Clinical Massage

Linda offers Advanced Clinical Massage from her studio in Fakenham, North Norfolk.

What is Clinical Massage?

Clinical (often referred to as remedial/therapeutic/deep tissue) massage focusses on the areas of the clients pain or tightness to alleviate particular symptoms. The massage uses a number of techniques including Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Release to work into the musculoskeletal areas which cause the pain with which the client presents.

It focusses on the muscle groups indicated in the client’s pain pattern to release tension and knots in the area to provide relief. This combined with stretching retrains the muscle fibres resulting in a reduction in the client’s pain pattern.

What sort of problems can benefit from this type of massage?

Complaints such as lower back pain, sciatic pain, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff injuries, headaches and general pain and tension in the neck and shoulders can be aided by this type of massage.

Other conditions which benefit are:

– whiplash
– Tennis and Golfers elbow
– Carpal Tunnel
– shin splints
– tendonitis
– sleeping problems
– easing of arthritic pain
– Achilies tendonitis

What should I expect from my treatment on the day?

The treatment commences with a detailed consultation going through medical history and lifestyle (type of work undertaken etc) then focusses on the reason for treatment being sought. Points covered include : how long has client experienced pain, quality of pain (dull ache or tingling/acute pain), any pain referral patterns and the client’s desired outcome from the treatment plan. An initial orthopaedic assessment is undertaken looking at the range of movement of specific joints associated with the client’s pain pattern.

The initial findings are discussed and an overview of the treatment given before commencing work. The treatment can then incorporate a number of techniques pertinent to the outcome required – trigger point therapy, myofascial release, stretching, deep tissue massage and musculoskeletal alignment techniques. If beneficial, hot stones and aromatherapy oils are incorporated.

Depending on the reason for massage, clients can experience a relief from pain within one to three sessions but most chronic conditions require 6-8 treatments before long lasting relief is experienced. it is then generally recommended that maintenance treatments every 4-6 weeks are maintained. If relaxation is the clients goal then one treatment works wonders!

How much is a clinical massage?

60 Mins – £55

This includes the initial consultation and also recommendations for stretching and client care at home at the end of the treatment.