Deep Tissue Remedial Massage/Myofascial Release

Myofascial release (Muscle Fascia Release) is used for the release of fascia (connective tissue) which has become stuck, hardened and dehydrated.  Fascia is a three dimensional web that surrounds every bone, muscle, nerve, organ and vessel down to the cellular level from head to toe. Restrictions can develop in fascia from trauma, poor posture and repetitive training. These restrictions can create pain, swelling, misalignments, poor muscular biomechanics, decreased range of motion, decreased strength and lameness.

Myofascial release  is a hands-on technique that uses slow, sustained pressure without sliding on the skin, therefore no oil is used.  It is a very different sensation to massage.  As the stuck, hardened and dehydrated fascia is released you may feel slight pain, prickling, heat and stretch sensations.  This is nothing to worry about and is essential to the healing process.  As the fascia is connected throughout the entire body, you may feel sensations in areas of the body that my hands are not placed on.  Likewise, a restriction may be found in your body which you may feel is not linked to your primary complaint, however, all restrictions need to be released.

The treatment commences with a full and detailed medical history consultation. Your consultation time allows for this initial consultation period.

60 Mins  £50