ScarWork is a painless and permanent way to address symptomatic scarring by improving function and appearance. Following operations or accidents, badly-healed scars (superficial or hidden deep into the tissue) will almost inevitably lead to the development of adhesions which will restrict movement in the connective tissues of the body. ScarWork can clear areas of congestion and enable the scar to heal properly. This work is suitable for all scar types (bar keloid) including caesarean, mastectomy and reconstruction, joint replacements, key hole and facial scars.

“Following my own key hole gall bladder removal in 2013, I felt an unusual tightness in my abdomen. I had read about ScarWork treatments and decided to investigate for my own personal benefit. The technique was developed in the US by Sharon Wheeler, a dedicated rolfer, to specifically target Rolfing and other facial techniques for the release of tightened scar tissue. After attending an introductory course and getting a taste of the work done on myself, I immediately signed up to be a guinea pig on the next full training course. I was amazed at the change in my abdomen!

Not only had the tightness eased but my whole tummy had changed shape. Subsequently I also felt issues with my digestive system had eased too! I had also had a suspicious mole removed from my ankle a few months before and that scar was flatter, less red and moved a lot easier after work on it too! I was officially a convert to this technique!

Being so inspired I signed up to do private training with Emma Holly at who is 1 of only 2 registered trainers here in the UK. I completed this training in July 2018 and am now delighted to be offering this treatment which is unique to North Norfolk at Tidal Therapies.”


An initial treatment takes 1hr and costs £55.

Follow up treatments are 30 mins and cost £35.

Treatments are generally 3-4 visits initially over first 1-2 months and then follow ups in 6/12 and 18 months.


I can honestly say that without your Scarwork and combined Myofascial Release work on my breast cancer scar, I would not have gained back the range of movement in my arm nor had relief from the discomfort of the rope-like scar formation down my arm. I can, and regularly do, thoroughly recommend your treatment” Sally B.