Clinical Massage in Fakenham, North Norfolk

Linda Black is a fully qualified Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist offering her unique blend of therapeutic massages in North Norfolk. Specialising in clinical massage, she offers relief from complaints such as lower back pain, sciatica, shin splints, frozen shoulder, neck and shoulder pain and tension headaches.

Utilising Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, combined with Deep Tissue work and stretching techniques, she works through and assists with client pain. Remedial massage focuses on the muscle groups indicated in the client’s pain pattern to release tension and knots in the area to provide relief. By utilising the stretching techniques taught at the end of the treatment at home, clients feel involved and engaged in their own care, thus helping to speed up the healing process.

“Having started Tidal Therapies in 2009 offering swedish massage, I very quickly became frustrated that so many clients were seeking treatment for apparently chronic pain conditions but that I didn’t have the techniques and training to be able to help them gain the relief they so badly needed. I therefore commenced my training with the Jing Institute of Advanced Clinical Massage in Brighton and in Feb 2013 gained my qualification in advanced clinical massage. I also qualified in clinical Pregnancy Massage.

Since then I have continued my studies attending advanced myofascial release workshops, the inaugural British Fascial Symposium and I am currently finalising my qualification in the Neil Asher Technique for the treatment of frozen shoulders and rotator cuff injuries and training in Musculoskeletal Alignment Technique with the pre-eminent American osteopath Eric Dalton. These studies are taking me to a week long course with Eric in Costa Rica in Nov 2014.

The world of clinical massage and musculoskeletal work is forever evolving as new discoveries are made and new ways of working to benefit the overall health of the body are adopted. It is therefor vital to continue with up to date training and I am delighted to be member of Back Care – a charitable organisation specifically set up to promote and encourage quality treatment for our backs.”

Linda is happy to offer an initial free consultation either over the phone or at her studio to discuss your ailments and establish whether this treatment would benefit the client. The treatments are then tailored to the individual client’s needs – which can be pain relief or the need for relaxation utilising the benefits of hot stones and aromatherapy oils.

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